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We have followed the growth of our city since the beginning, day after day. With it we also grew and idealized a future, here, where it really comes to life. Not only on the street, where we met, but in the new spaces that today have revitalized it.

We took advantage of some opportunities and with work, we were creating part of the best spots in the city, whether they were bars, kiosks or restaurants. A sense of commitment was born in us.

Knowing that those who visited us, lost much of what really characterizes us, the life of Lisbon. Our aim was thus to provide a different experience to all those who share our lifestyle.

And for us, getting to know the culture and local life should be a priority and we wanted to make it as easy as possible. Therefore, art, music and the genuine way we approach life are what gives Esqina its identity and what distinguishes the experience we seek to provide.

Around any corner, you can find something different, something new, but above all true.